Patrick Manasse

Cofounder and Chief Compliance Officer in New York

Patrick Manasse

Cofounder and Chief Compliance Officer in New York

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Patrick Manasse is the Founder and Chief Compliance Officer for MonetaGo Inc., a digital currency company which leverages the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to beat bank exchange rates.

Currently based out of New York City, Patrick Manasse is a graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec where he studied economics.

In addition to his studies at McGill, Patrick attended Law School at Bond University in Australia. The two-year J.D. program at Bond allowed Patrick to immediately take the Bar in either California or New York. Although Patrick felt the tug of New York, he was offered a tantalizing opportunity with Spitfire Pictures in L.A.

After spending some time working for Spitfire Pictures in L.A., Patrick decided to fulfill his life-long desire of living in New York City . At first he worked as a paralegal while preparing for the New York Bar. Before long he was offered a position as an associate at Guzov Ofsink for both the Corporate and Litigation groups.

Patrick's time at Guzov Ofsink gave him a lot of exposure to the business world, which ultimately pushed him to pursue an MBA from the MIT-sponsored Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The SKOLKOVO school is known for its international approach to studies. During Patrick's time there, he worked on projects for a number of countries across the globe including Global Expansion Strategy in New Delhi, Import and Logistics in Moscow, International Competitive Analysis in Boston, and Marketing Research in Beijing.

Today, Patrick utilizes his business knowledge in a number of investment opportunities--from real estate to Bitcoin,

Patrick is originally from Monaco, was educated in both North American and Europe, and is fluent in both English and French.

Patrick is an avid traveler and has been to nearly every corner of the globe. For hobbies Patrick enjoys skiing, snowboarding, sailing, and kitesurfing. Both feed into his love of traveling.

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