Patrick Stoup

CEO in Gaithersburg, Maryland

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The chief executive officer of the Maryland-based government contracting company SAI, Patrick Stoup initiated the recent Chaos to Clarity product line, securing a trademark for the line in 2015. His daily responsibilities in this leadership position include approving company budgets, reviewing monthly financial reports, directing general strategic development, and monitoring progress towards the achievement of specific goals and deliverables. Before assuming his current role in 2014, Patrick Stoup served 17 years as SAI’s president. During this time, he began shifting company operations away from the private sector and toward the public sector.

Patrick Stoup previously led business development in the field of airline/hospitality industry consumer loyalty programs as the president of Customer Service Solutions in Germantown, Maryland. Mr. Stoup’s accomplishments with Customer Service Solutions include launching a frequent flyer program that targeted residents of Southeast Asia for Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. He also operated the frequent guest program for Pan Pacific Hotels.

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