Patrick Stuart Baker

Adventure photojournalist in Presidio, Texas

Patrick Stuart Baker went to many mountains, oceans, deserts, and other wild locations on the planet to see the splendor and capture breathtaking images. These images are not only gorgeous, but also ageless, and they are how he has connected with the world throughout the years.

On April 23, 1950, Patrick Stuart Baker was born. He is a climber, adventure photojournalist, and photographer. Pat Baker of Texas is how most people refer to him. He was born in the Texas town of Presidio and began working as a professional photographer in 1982.
Baker was raised in the bush and began climbing mountains in Presidio at the age of ten. His photographic career was driven by his passion for exploring landscapes and climbing mountains.

  • Education
    • Presidio Elementary School
    • Lucy Rede Franco Middle school