pattie simone

new york

pattie simone

new york

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I help diverse clients map out successful activities that leverage branding, storytelling, content marketing and videos - to pump up brand awareness, prospect engagement & sales. I'm interested in working with passionate, spirited, enthusiastic people and companies who value authentic communications, in a variety of project or long-term opportunities.

i'm on the hunt for: exciting projects and new job possibilities, talented creatives, interviews with thought leaders, great communicators and women entrepreneurs worldwide.

i'm passionate about: my husband and three 20-something "kids", foodie adventures, dark chocolate, traveling, writing, singing, music, historic places, new tech and making friends and building strong relationships via social communities.

proud founder of, a business & career advancement startup dedicated to amplifying women's voices and business opportunities worldwide.

my approach: to be an upbeat change agent in business and life. to contribute collaboratively where possible, supporting smart "r.o.w.e." (results-oriented work environment) business practices, positive citizenship and philanthropic doings. embracing social media & emerging tech; being social, but valuing real face time - cause it still rocks ;)

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women make 78 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. millions of women seek to better their situations and enjoy being a part of communities that understand their unique ambitions, buying habits, and work/life challenges. .

womencentric's beta site welcomes kindred women from around the world, as a positive space to grow, learn, and connect. we look forward to aligning with the right developer/business partner who understands multi-facted, socially-conscious enterprises can be serious profit centers too.


here's what i've learned... it's possible to be the architect of a good and rewarding life; new learning experiences rock; diverse people enrich organizations and everyone has the power to make a positive impact!!

  • Work
    • founder, womencentric
  • Education
    • State University at Oneonta