Paul Brodie

Barre, VT

I was born in 1981, so I'm starting to get old, at least according to my standards from when I was younger.

I'm well educated, if you are the Wizard of Oz and think that intelligence is accurately portrayed by diplomas.

I've worked in several fields, and even in different lines of work. That's a joke. I do like working with people, but my favorite type of labor is in the yard. I love yard work.

I think I'm pretty funny and a decent writer. I try to combine the two in blogging and book writing. Come check out my blog. Don't be afraid, a blog will never give you a paper cut.

I'm also a musician and have recorded a few albums with my former band, Ready or Not, but we never had the money or resources to make those recordings something we could sell for real. I did record a solo album in 2009, it's available for purchase from

I am married and we have a daughter. My wife and daughter are both awesome.

  • Work
    • Independent author and freelance writer
  • Education
    • Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Psychology