Paul Bola

Orange County

Seasoned technologist and Serial Entrepreneur in the Healthcare Sector. Paul Bola has been involved in building products and services for over 10 years. Paul Bola started his professional career at the age of 19 years old working for a fortune 100 company, Cardinal Health as a Systems Analyst. Paul Bola traveled across the United States working with colleagues who were twice his age.

Paul Bola started is first company at the age of 21 years and setup an offshore team in New Delhi which consists of 40+ software developers, designers,quality assurance experts etc.

Paul Bola has helped over 300 healthcare practices across the nation bring their bottom line up by 20%-60% respectively using his broad knowledge and latest digital marketing techniques. Paul Bola has also taught courses in practice operations, digital marketing and ICD-10 Billing for doctor medical education units.

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    • A1 Healthcare Technologies