Paul Brobson

North Georgia, USA

1. Big ball of fire
2. Planets emerge
3. Lots of stuff happens the next millions of years or so
4. I arrive in Roscrea, Ireland
5. Ireland is sick of me, and ships me to America
6. Land in NJ, go to school
7. Try (in vain) to become an athlete
8. Become a disco/rock star
9. Come to my senses and go to College
10. Start career
11. Sell lots of stuff, market lots of stuff
12. Find & marry the best girl in the world.
13. Have and raise 3 terrific, talented and wonderful sons
14. Coach soccer
15. Try (in vain) to play soccer
16. Become a digital marketing scientist (not rocket science!)
17. NJ gets sick of me, ships me to Georgia
18. 1st born graduates college as an engineer (so proud!)
19. Become a country-disco-rock star
20. Run over Golden Gate Bridge
21. To be continued...