Paul Cazarez

Principal World Builder in Maryland

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Paul Cazarez is a Principal World Builder, 3D Modeling Expert and Motorsports Enthusiast. When he isn’t diving in to create digital content for computerized worlds, you can catch Cazarez at a Formula 1 or M1GP Racing event.

Backed by more than two decades in the industry, Paul Cazarez has contributed to the creation of hundreds of digital worlds. Iconic titles that he has contributed to include installments within the Ratchet and Clank, Whiplash and Blood Omen universes. In all of his projects, Cazarez works to create elements that bring these worlds together seamlessly. Working closely with fellow creators on each team, this Principal Builder is a team player in the realm of building worlds. Outside of his professional pursuits, Cazarez finds his thrills in motorsports competitions. He has been on both sides of the track, both as a racer and as a spectator; making his love of race all the more thrilling! Cazarez’s favorite races to watch include events in M1GP, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and IMSA.