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Author in Durban, South Africa

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Paul Crilley is a Scotsman living in South Africa and has been writing professionallyfor over twenty-five years. In that time he has worked in television, novels,computer games, and comics. He has written for 27 TV shows, ranging from dramaand sitcoms, to crime thrillers and children’s programs. One of the shows he workedon was nominated for an international Emmy and Paul was recently nominated fora South African Film and TV Award (SAFTA) for writing.

Paul has written fifteen novels. His Delphic Division series, Poison City, and the sequel Clockwork City, about a supernatural police force based in Durban, South Africa, is in development as a television series with Jerry Bruckheimer Productions and CBS. His horror/comedy/buddy cop mashup, Department Zero, is being considered by the producer of The Lego Movie. His latest novel Breakout, a thriller written under the pseudonym Paul Herron, is out now from Headline Books and comes out in April 2021 from Grand Central Press.

Paul also writes computer games, and worked on the Bioware MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also worked for Disney on Armies of Magic and wrote interactive computer games for Fogbank Entertainment. He most recently worked as a writer on Just Cause for mobile.

On the comics front, Paul adapted his award-winning Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron detectives, Abraxis Wren and Torin, for IDW Publishing. He also planned out and wrote three issues of their six-issue crossover series, X-Files: Conspiracy, a series that featured, Ghostbusters, X-files, The Crow, Transformers, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most recently he worked on the Star Wars Adventures comics for younger readers.

Over the years, Paul has worked with Marvel, 20th Century Fox Television, NBC Universal, Anonymous Content, Krysten Ritter’s production company, Silent Machine, Disney, the SyFy Channel, and IDW comics. He has written twelve novels, worked on five computer games, and wrote an X-Files novella called Dusk, which is a satirical take on the Twilight books phenomena. He also novelized Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear for Marvel, and wrote a Hardy Boys novel. (Which was the fulfillment of a childhood dream.)

Specialties: Writing, Screenwriting, Worldbuilding, Computer Game writing, Narrative Development.

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