Dr Paul Duignan

Outcomes are hot

Our outcomes create our world. What happens is determined by the way individuals, corporations and societies structure their strategy and outcomes.

Thinking about . . . thinking about outcomes

Take a question like: what's the relationship between strategy and measurability? The answer isn't simple, but getting it right is essential in both the public and private sectors.

My mission - fixing how people do strategy and outcomes

I'm flat out 24/7 (it feels like!) working with organizations and governments around the globe sorting out this type of question. Many people find the current hyper-dynamic strategy environment demanding. Our job is to help you fix your strategy, measurement and outcomes dilemnas.

We're leveraging newly developed outcomes theory plus our visual strategic planning and impact assessment approach. We're helping organizations like: the IMF, government agencies, private sector organizations and NGOs use a visual strategic planning approach to sharpen their strategy, outcomes and accountability.

Outcomes theory - the way ideas become action

We're optimizing the connection between the strategic ideas people have in their heads and what they make manifest in the world through their strategy and outcomes.

Want to join us in fixing this stuff?

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