Paul Grant

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Small Business Owner in Canberra, Australia

An intrapreneur, and aspiring entrepreneur, who thrives on innovation and complex problem solving.

Keenly analytical and critical, I self-learn and utilise any and every tool or process I may require to derive data-driven insights that inform strategic recommendations or product development.

I dare to dream of a better way and tend to raise questions which challenge the status quo. I think about and solve problems in systems, often within compliance or regulatory constraints.

Even as I relax or lie awake at night, I am consumed with reading about, thinking about, and solving systemic problems including: the working conditions and economic model for global ship-breaking in India and Bangladesh; reducing the cost and impact of wildfire disasters; underpinning financial value systems with robust variables based on natural capital; reaching and engaging youth in future governance; and many more equally varied and seemingly unrelated aspects of our world that are in desperate need of innovation.

I love to teach and inspire, and I find great joy in knowing new generations are equipped to rise to new and more accomplished heights than me.

I yearn to do more, to be more, and to keep seeking the best possible way that I might contribute value from my life on earth.

Perhaps we'll change the world together?

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