Pauline Park

Teacher in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Pauline Park

Teacher in Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Hi I'm Pauline and it's great to meet you! So, you want to know a bit more about me? After a few years working in the travel industry and completing an MSc in Tourism Studies from the University of Strathclyde I became a lecturer in Tourism at a Glasgow College. I love teaching and I've been teaching students for 23 years now (wait, what- how did that happen?!).

10 years ago now, my fellow lecturer- and husband!- Kenneth decided to start our own company- Mondrago My Travel Teacher- as we were frustrated that the skills that students were being taught in college were not necessarily the skills travel employers were looking for and we decided to fill this gap! Mondrago My Travel Teacher has been a great success and over 100 colleges throughout the UK use our courses with their students.

The more I learned about travel recruitment, the more interested I became and this quickly became my passion! In fact, over the years I have helped 1000s of my students gain employment in the travel industry. As the online world (and my reputation! ) grew I was constantly being asked to help people with cabin crew recruitment in particular. And, no wonder as this stuff is hard! In fact, it's reckoned that over 97% of people who apply to be cabin crew will never be successful - not great odds I'm sure you'll agree!

So, I set out to apply for every cabin crew job I see (and I still do!). I'm proud to tell you that I have a 100% success rate in being invited to assessment days, but then I should be good at this stuff- it's my job! So, in order to help those who would love to be cabin crew, Kenneth and I put together a course which covered absolutely EVERYTHING we know about cabin crew recruitment- and it's a LOT! This course, along with TONS of other stuff- like CV webinars, a private facebook group, an ATS checker, a photo guide... I could go on and on- is now available in New2Crew Academy, our online monthly membership site.

We launched this site in October 2017 and were blown away by the response! In fact, we had to close down membership early as we had sold out all of our memberships!

If you'd like to learn more about New2Crew Academy, then you can do so at:

I also offer a CV Success Service where I can personally rewrite your CV for you

You can also join our FREE Facebook group- The Departure Lounge

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