Paul Kahoro

Consultant in Nairobi, Kenya

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A child of Africa but a citizen of the world - in pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled.

MSc Information Systems and Technology | BSc Computer Science | Certified Ethical Hacker | Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator | Microsoft Technical Associate.


Data Engineering:

Playing with data is fun. I am one of those crazy people who believes that data can actually change lives. Excel presentations are for "old" people, in my opinion Tableau and SPSS are the s*! Tableau gives you structure and patterns - it's fast, flexible and a secure business intelligence/analytic platform. It makes it easy to interact with your reports/data and gain insights. It provides better data management and secure cloud data connections. Plus lots of other benefits like cool interactive data visualizations that are easy to embed on your scripts/code. Parting shot, friends don't let friends use pie charts...

Software development:

When I'm not writing JavaScript, PHP, CSS or analyzing data, I can usually be found in restaurants jamming with my saxophone, or at Java trying to order bizarre things like "ngumu" or "chapati dondo".

Geographic Information Systems:

QGIS - because I love free things. ArchGIS - I'm cheap, their licenses are too expensive + their GUI sucks. CartoDB - still getting the hang of it. Environments: QGIS, ArchGIS, Google Maps API's.

Graphic Design:

Studied graphic design for one year for personal enrichment, never made it to a degree or certificate, but the experience improved my web design skills tenfold. If you're having fonts problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 fonts but comic sans ain't one.

Research & Development:

I am a wanna be professional researcher. I have been part of a research team before and I enjoyed it. I have written a couple of papers with over 1,000 reads 👉 Well, I should probably start taking this seriously. Bottom line, I wanna do more in this field.

Cyber Security:

I once hacked our government's websites and defaced them. Just kidding! - not kidding.


Proficient in angry birds & candy crush.


Don't take the best notes in meetings but I look like I do because I'm drawing. Could be more punctual.

  • Work
    • DRC, KPMG, KCB, GoK