Paul Prae

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

As a lifelong learner and systems thinker, my mind is in constant motion. My knowledge is broad, but my efforts are focused. I’m a young solutions architect who creates collaborative web technology to improve business and society. I build systems that augment cognitive abilities and increase knowledge so people can collectively make the most positive impact on existence.

My industry expertise is in developing web applications and administering content management systems. My academic background is in cognitive science and artificial intelligence where I love to experiment with natural language processing (like sentiment analysis or text mining) and biologically-inspired algorithms (like neural networks or genetic algorithms). Using cloud-based machine learning solutions (e.g. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning or IBM’s Watson Analytics), I aim to develop interactive applications that are contextually and socially-aware. I look forward to solving some of the world’s toughest problems across domains such as human computer interaction, mental health, education, and entrepreneurship.

To see the results of my work I encourage you to explore my web presence. If you think I could help you execute on your ideas, please reach out to me through your favorite social media channel. I’m always connected!