Paul Sternberg Houston

Director, Small Business Owner, and entrepreneur in Houston, Texas

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Paul Sternberg Houston is an experienced real estate investor, an entrepreneur and a businessman. He has completed his Bachelor of Science and business management from Tulane University which is located in Louisiana in 1987.After completed his bachelors he went to Houstan,Texas in 1996 to completed his study in the field of law.

Paul Sternberg Houston is one of the great entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a great lawyer who used to do charity a lot. He believes in the philosophy of helping children for their educational growth. Therefore, He has come forward to help a school without taking any risk as it got hit by a hurricane known as Katrina.

As Paul Sternberg has completed his studies in the field of law, He own his law office situated in Texas where he work on developing various strategies and arguments for their clients. He has also completed his studies in finance, therefore he started working in a store where he used to analyze and monitor the financial data trends.

He was also interested in doing business, later on he had started his businesses in the field of marketing and help in providing other business solutions that help in increasing the exposure of the company. Paul Sternberg likes to do staffing of various projects, track the progress and do updating about this progress. His also used to allot different tasks to the associates connected with him.