Paul Wildman

Paul Wildman is a talented filmmaker who has spent more than a decade as a cinematographer, producer, editor and animator, and most recently director of photography. His efforts have been featured globally in several broadcast productions and on the big screen, and he possesses glowing recommendations from production studios all over the world. Paul is also a highly specialized and trained underwater cinematographer, having spent over 4,000 hours filming underwater in many challenging conditions, more than 1,500 of those filming dangerous sharks – outside of any cages without protection. Only a handful of other people around the world have the expertise, experience, skills, or time logged that Paul does – particularly with large predators. His stunning world-class shark footage is widely known and has been featured on Discovery’s Shark Week, National Geographic, ABC World News, and Animal Planet. Combining a broad range of shooting, editing, animation, new media, technology and drawing skills, he is in a unique position – able to deliver high quality visual efforts while bringing innovative approaches to his work. With over 13 years filming, editing and field producing commercial advertising, films, television, and independent projects, he has worn many different hats and has a wealth of experience from which to draw upon – for any type of production. With a passion for diving and filming underwater, in 2004 he started Lkwid (, an underwater production studio. Paul perfected his underwater cinematography skills, developed unique skills filming with the oceans top predators, and also trained dozens of locals as well. He sold it in 2009, to start Built By Wildman, ( Paul leverages his commercial filmmaking background, as well as his unique experience and training in outdoor skills and dive instruction and underwater filmmaking, to deliver adventure and nature content that is edgy and exciting, challenging the boundaries of production. His diverse range of skills includes underwater and topside camera work, 2D animation, editing, sound, field production, and multimedia, making him a valuable part of a any team. Undoubtedly, his star is rising, as he has just finished shooting a documentary for a filmmaker, Rob Stewart, whose last film, Sharkwater, won 35 awards and works closely with other Emmy nominated and award-winning producers, directors and cinematographers.