Designer in Gdańsk, Polska

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Graphic and Web designer. Over 12 years of experience in development of many large web portals, services and product websites. Working in both - small and large teams, local and international. Due to the wide range of interests and hobbies, able to understand and easy to work with all team types in the company: designers, marketing, programmers, testers and even network administrators.

Lover of simple, clean and stylish design. Loves web design, beautiful interfaces (UI). Creates on both kinds of equipment - the desktop and mobile, but also fond of spreading his work outside all screens and surfaces. I'm a passionate designer; therefore I create with a vision and know-how, but above all - with heart and soul.

I always want to learn more and get new knowledge every day. I am an internet freak, quickly adaptable and brave. A little geek, cool guy but professional. While working, often with headphones on his head and a camera at hand.

Worked for Wirtualna Polska, Fota, Gratka, Gratka Technologie, and Young Digital Planet.

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