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Student, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in United States Minor Outlying Islands

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I am a student, web developer, and software engineer currently living in United States Minor Outlying Islands. I usually write about Payoneer & all about its stuff.

Recently I received a lot of emails including how someone can receive a free payoneer mastercard and how to avail a free registration bonus from Payoneer when signing up with Payoneer for the first time so today i'm going to guide all about this thing right here today.

The very first thing you need to understand what basically Payoneer is then you must take a look at Payoneer Wiki to learn and understand yourself about Payoneer first.

Now going towards how to apply for a Payoneer Account and how to avail a free bonus on the first time registration. If you have not yet registered with Payoneer then take do visit this page Registration to apply for Payoneer and to get the free registration bonus when you will use the affiliate link shared over there.

Please note that you will get a free $35 bonus instead of $25 as Payoneer is normally offering $25 but by using the PayoneerHow's $25 Bonus link, you'll get a whopping $35 bonus which is exclusive.

Payoneer also offers an ATM Card under the name of MasterCard which can be ordered for a Payoneer Account which can be used to withdraw payments from Payoneer accounts and make online & offline transactions at very affordable fee. You can check the ATM Card's & withdrawal fee right on