Pat Caporali

media relations and Motorsports PR in Detroit, Michigan

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Formerly a Canadian sports reporter in my home and native land of Canada, I spent many years working in both radio and TV helping to tell sports stories.

I then joined the world of IndyCar racing, spending another decade traveling the globe watching men & women push their human limits and those of cars going as fast as 242 mph (389.46125 km/h). I helped tell their stories.

I now work for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Auburn Hills, Michigan, in the Communications department as the Mopar and Mopar Motorsports PR & Media Manager which has me going to plenty of drag strips with the NHRA (to smell nitro and see cars going 330.470 mph (531.84 km/h) in 3.897 seconds in just 1000 feet!), as well as a lot of fun car shows, so I can tell stories about lots of fast and cool looking racy vehicles.

My life and many adventures are shared with a feisty Cairn Terrier known as Miss Izzy. Thanks to her, I have a lot of great dog stories to share.

I always have a camera with me. It is my way of telling a story without words.

I think of myself as a foodie. I can be found on top of a rock formation, underwater, on motorized two wheels, and likely on the road to another adventure. But I always try to make time to visit my family and flock of feathered friends, including a two talkative African Grey Parrots named Reno and Zooey.

I have told stories as a journalist, a PR/media relations & communications specialist, and through social media in 140 characters or less.

This is my life, my story, and my collection of stories gathered along the way... I (ALWAYS) have a story to tell.

“You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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