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Pearl Lemon Consulting is the consulting arm of Pearl Lemon Group business which works with fast growth and enterprise-level companies on a whole range of challenges they might face. Having had incredible exposure to different industries and businesses through their marketing efforts Pearl Lemon Group combined this together with bringing in-house an expert team to work across an incredible range of business challenges.

Every business, whether it’s brand new or long-established, needs to keep growing and getting stronger. This is especially true right now, when changes in the way we all work, in employee attitudes and expectations, and in the global financial situation in general have affected – and continue to affect – businesses in every niche.

One of the keys to meeting all these challenges – and more – is having the knowledge, expertise and confidence to meet them. And some sage, been there, done that expert advice helps too. Which is where Pearl Lemon Consultants, as transformational business consultants, come in.