Pearl Lemon Recruitment

Recruitment, digital marketing, and sales recruitment agency in 1355 West Giles Road Muskegon Mi 49445 United States

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Pearl Lemon Recruitment has a keen understanding of the challenges of hiring in the 21st century. Our deep expertise lies in digital and sales as we also run a marketing agency and B2B lead generation business.

Our founder is from a cold calling background. This makes us the only recruitment agency with a deep experience in hiring sales people that still actively cold calls today.

We have been recognized by TEDx for our hiring practices and have got a very deep expertise coming from our placement programme to give all candidates additional free training and development. This is to ensure our candidates are capable and come with a high caliper.

We employ a top grading methodology and have a grueling recruitment process that ensures a very high caliper of candidate will come into your organization.

All of our candidates are required to submit a video application, one to one interviews and answer technical-job specific questions to fully assess quality. We also have a pre-company training programme as well. This covers an eight week prestart training programme to be sure candidates come in with a certain level of technological proficiency to ensure that they will add value from day 1.