Pearl Lemon Ventures

tool and startup in London, United Kingdom

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Pearl Lemon Ventures is the startup side of the Pearl Lemon Group and where you’ll find the full range of our tools being developed. From A.I content generation, SEO Audit Tools, Chrome Plugins to CRMs.The company has a growing collection of tools under development. Below is a list of chrome extension productivity tools which fall under Pearl Lemon Ventures

LemAppis a chrome extension productivity tool which enables you to sort your chats into tabs on WhatsApp. Whether you’re a business, an organisation, or an individual, you can easily manage your WhatsApp accounts and keep track of all of your messages, contacts, media, and more.

Lemverseis a chrome extension productivity tool which enables you to reverse your Gmail conversations, add labels in a better way, organise emails under labels , sort your inbox to find all emails and domains which you have emailed.

Lemtel is a chrome extension productivity tool for Telegram power users. Lemtel sorts your unread messages into custom tabs on your browser.

Lemiconsis a chrome extension productivity tool which enables you to quickly identify the sender of email messages in Gmail without opening the message.

Lemjobsis a job search and tracker chrome extension tool which enables you to accelerate the job searching process and help you grow your career.

Lemlinks was designed to help identify every link on a web page and have the option to save or open them as well. Features include a link highlighter, Link Typer, Link Checker, Link Opener and provides history of your links seen, stores data of shared links and saves links. Users can share links from the extension directly also.