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My name is Pears Africa. I studied Information Technology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. I have travelled the whole-world especially South Africa and the African Continent. After my travels I decided that there is a massive need out there for South African’s living abroad.

Many Saffas living abroad has a need for traditional authentic food products. So I decided to create a full fledge South African products website called Saffa Trading. We stock over a thousand SA grocery products including wine biltong, droewors, cool drinks, liquor and even authentic beers like castle and black label. There are many South African shops around but what makes us different is we ship worldwide and we get our products directly from the source, like the world famous Pick and pay or Clicks. We also much cheaper than our compeditors.
Living abroad, with other expats I realised that there is so many people out there that have a physical need to be able to communicate with other expats from their country and also need to be able to reminiscent about traditional South African food like Anchovette , Marmite or Adco-dol ect.

One of the most enjoyable things of travelling abroad and in your own country is experience genuine traditional meals and foods. I have decided to provide you with the most traditional Saffa food you will ever be able to find. So for those that are planning to visit this great country of ours, you need to listen up. The boerewors can be described as an oversized sausage that is made up from an array of different kind of meats. The onus is usually on the cook but normally the cook use beef, ostrich and game to make a traditional saffa sausage. He or she normally uses spices and flavouring to give the wors that distinct taste. Normally you would braai your Boerwors but if you have no choice you can braai it on the pan. Biltong is probably the most well-known South African food product on the market. This delicious cured meat has been around for almost 4 centuries and has rich history going back to the early South African when they settled in South Africa in the 16th century. Again the cook can use various meats to make biltong but normally it's either made from beef or game meat. Bobotie is made from minced meat with an egg based topping that is poured over the mixture. History suggests that the coloni

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