I would label myself as the head writer/administrator of this blog. I make up the majority of the blog posts, since it is something to pass the time. I have a tendency to make long-winded rants about nothing in particular. This is probably why I kept this blog alive even after we had already quit Megaten.

I'm from Hong Kong, but currently live in Canada (Toronto). I make lots of references to knowing Cantonese, since it is one of my main languages (the other one obviously being English).

I always had random mentions of anime in my posts so, when I noticed that anime blogs were a real thing, I decided, "Why not?" My large identifying attribute about me is my ego. My need to be the best at everything I do has pushed me far up the ladder, which only serves to inflate my ego more.

Of the games I've been hopping around with the alias of Pearz:

DOMO: known as one of the best PVPers for quite some time (that was the best link I could find... D:)

Megaten: known as best PVPer (with only one exception for a short period) and the top player (since this blog was dedicated to Megaten originally)

Cloud 9: known as the top PVPer for the short time we played

Allods: known as the best PVP mage on the server, though class limitations left me on the short end of the stick against some of the other classes later

Dragon Nest: One of my shorter games like Cloud 9. I was on the second most active server, Argenta, known for being one of the best ele players on the server. I was also consistently top 10 (siting on Rank 3 spot a few times).

In most of these games, you can probably still mention my name and it might be recognized, since I caused such a huge ripple within the community. These things just serve to over-inflate my ego even more. D: I highly value PVP in the games I play, if that wasn't obvious. XD

Contrary to my handle, I don't particularly like or hate pears. It is more a handle I picked up quite some time ago (with super secret origins!!!).

More updated version here!