Pedro Rocha Vieira

Pedro worked at Banco BPI, in corporate retail banking and project finance for 3 years. Then he backpacked for 9 months in South America. Back in Portugal he was project manager for the Chapitô-Rio project (a multifunction social and cultural project). In 2007 he co-founded the Social Innovation Program, at TESE (a Portuguese NGO). A social innovation hub with four different areas of activity: 1) strategy consultancy, 2) launchpad for social innovation projects, 3) local innovation projects, and 4) R&D; related to social innovation. In September 2009 e became a Free Agent Project Manager & Consultant in (social) innovation and entrepreneurship. In December 2009 he also co-founded the Beta-i, an association for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since February 2010 he's the Coordinator of Design Response at experimentadesign (using design to address social issues). Pedro lived in Belgium, Azores, Macau, Vienna and Lisbon. He studied Management at UCP, did the ISEP at INSEAD and the "Foresight, Strategy and Innovation" pos graduation at ISEG.