Pedro Barbosa

Writer, Director, and Teacher in Porto, Portugal

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Born in Porto, and 44, graduated in Industrial Engineering at the University of Minho, graduating or with later studies in Innovation (UMinho), Management of Shopping Centers (UCL),

Neuromarketing (MIT), and MBA Mobile Marketing (Harvard) in 2016.

Career developed at Sonae Indústria, Sonae Sierra and BNP Paribas Group, before El Corte Inglés. Lecturer at IPAM in the areas of Marketing, Consumer and Digital, from 2005 to 2016.

Currently serves as General Manager of El Corte Inglés for the North of Portugal, also holding the position of Chief Digital Officer of El Corte Inglés in Portugal. At the same time, a lecturer atPorto Business School.

Columnist and editor, remains linked to El Mag and P3/Público, having been a part of projects such as Jornal de Negócios, Metro, Meia Hora, Oje, Marketeer and Diário Económico.

The first book, “Speculations & Trends” (09), was the world’s first crowdsourced work of the genre, and was also published in Spain and Mexico.

Published “Harvard Trends” in 2011, and returned with a new “Harvard Trends” - of trends in management - the following year.

Also the author of the books "Weekend in Beijing" and "The End of Facebook as we know it", as well as community manager and founder of the project "I Love Porto", the largest project by acity in Portugal.

First novel written in 2013 - "Prometes?" , and a return to books in 2014, with "The Art of War in Marketing"

A self-designated “compulsively curious”, the best excuse for permanent travelling. Owns as greatest assets an endless eagerness to learn and being able to adapt to change.

Professionally, passionate about Critical Thinking and the challenges of omnicanality: between traditional integrated commerce and digital.

A bold enthusiast for orchestrating sustained growth, focusing primarily on long-term results through disruption in the user experience.

Creative by nature, usually has more questions to ask than answers to give.

  • Education
    • MIT Sloan School of Management
    • Harvard University
    • EGP - Escola de Gestão do Porto