Maira Pedroni

Maira Pedroni

I try to represent reality by using strongest metaphors that my mind can develop.My style is not easily classifiable, I describe my art as a mixture of macabre surrealism.

I feel love for everything that is human and I feel hatred for all that is not eternal.

I feel love for human emotions but at the same time I thinks we are all automatisms.

My art is born from these contradictions.
My paintings are not for sale because it wouldbe like selling a piece of my brain. I do not participate in artisticcompetitions because I find them one of the most idiotic things in the world but I give my paintings to exhibitions around the world.

I’m 18 and I paint from about two years as self-thought Artist. Media used: acrylics with wood or canvas.I make from myself frames to get the best for each painting. I don’t sketch because I prefer to project directly what there is my mind.I paint also things that will be covered with others layers. I don’t use photos as reference.All the characters used are a figment of my mind.