Pekka J. Mattila

Public Figure in Finland

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My goal is to drive a good change in this world by making people questioning what is the naked truth for them.

We often live our lives based on the cultural rules but that is rarely the way we truly want to live our lives.

My part is to help people to realize what their naked truth truly is and encourage people to change their lives to represent that.

Here is the list of my current projects and how I am currently implementing my mission:

✔ Alaston totuus (founder): a video blog to help people to realise what is their own naked truth (the real truth) so that they can start building their dream life instead of living the life our society wants us to live. The first two episodes reached over 350 000 views within two months on Facebook.

✔ (co-founder): Next generation digital information product platform. The platform is the market leader in Finland.

✔ (co-founder): Leading Finnish site about creating a business that provides freedom to its owner.