Robert Derrick Pemberton

Father, Musician, and Writer in Tooele, Utah

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I would love to start a collaboration on several projects. I have several ideas for mobile and PC applications and need developers and game designers to talk to about next steps.

I'm interested in talking to jewelers about custom fantasy concepts in Jewelry design.

I need an illustrator for a my fantasy book.

I would love to talk to farmers/sustainability advocates about self-sustaining small scale farming for households.

I have an idea about Solar Cells I would love to discuss with an engineer (electrical and structural).

Religion - Christian LDS or Mormon.

Science - Love it. Love debating how Science and Religion don't contradict each other.

Politics - Constitutional Conservative (almost Libertarian)


I love cultures the world over. My insatiable curiosity drives to approach people from different backgrounds to discover. Each culture I have studied has shown me a beautiful piece of the human family that I want to share with everyone. I'm bilingual - Spanish.


I have about 700 pages of High-Fantasy. I've written a action / mystery / horror with moral overtones. I'm not sure what to do with it next.


I'm at IT professional with 15 years of experience supporting applications, fixing problems, training staff and dabbling in all things technological. Currently studying software development. Would love tips and short cuts.


I have 6 children. 3 Live with me full time. The rate of abuse and divorce in the world is rather alarming.

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    • Western Governor's University
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    • Western Governors University