Penn Credit Corporation

Management Firm in Harrisburg, PA, US

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For more than three decades, Penn Credit Corporation has provided first-rate accounts receivable management to clients across many industries. The company offers third-party collections and small balance recovery and has a proven history of recovering money for clients respectfully and professionally. Penn Credit has launched collection strategies tailored to specific markets and to the needs and requirements of their clients. They help important industries around the country that include government, healthcare, education, toll road operators, and utilities and communications.

The firm has worked with governmental agencies on the State, County, and Municipal level, helping them solve the challenge of recovering money to fund government services. The firm’s experienced collection specialists have the training and the tact needed to handle these delicate situations across a variety of debt types, including traffic citations and court fines. Penn Credit staff are also experienced in working with clients in the healthcare and utility industries, as well as higher education, where Colleges and Universities are faced with trying to maintain a positive public image while also collecting the money they are owed. Additionally, the firm offers a consumer corner on its website, where consumers can pay their bills online or request more information, making the experience as pleasant, simple, and responsive as possible.

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