Penny Newell

London, United Kingdom.

My background is in language, literary studies and philosophy, possessing both a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Philosophy from King's College London. My current doctoral research is on the topic of clouds.

I am Series Chair of King's College London, Arts and Humanities postgraduate papers in progress workshops series, 'Union'. I also sit on the organising committee of the first ever interdisciplinary postgraduate Arts and Humanities conference at King's. As co-convenor of 'Research with Reach: Valuing Ideas Beyond the Academe', I was awarded funding alongside Ella Parry-Davies, helping us create a training programme exploring inherently publically engaging research practices. You can read about the project on the Guardian Higher Education Network, here:

In 2013, I became an Associate Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. In 2011, I was elected Poetry Fellow of the Paris American Academy, through whom I convened a series of site-specific poetry journeys across the City of Paris. In the academic term 2012-13, I served as a contributing co-editor of the Literature Section of London Student, Europe's largest student newspaper, having served as their Lead Poetry Correspondent in 2011-12.

In 2014, I began collaborating with artist Aidan Moesby through FIELDWORK Encounters: a lived enquiry into the process, practice and possibilities of art and science collaboration; before performing a work about the weather at the ARC Arts Centre in Stockton. I have since received supported from TippingPoint, in collaboration with Arts Council of England, Free Word, Spread the Word, the Ashden Trust and the Open University, to attend Weatherfronts: Climate Change and the Stories We Tell. My visual weather poetry interogates the boundaries between art and science, and has been exhibited at the Hundred Years Gallery, as part of WHITEOUT, curated by Jill Rock. I am part of the Dark Mountain author network, here:

And blog personally, here:

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