Penny L Howe

Pacific West Coast, North America, Planet Earth

A simple girl with simple ideas and simple thoughts - living and thriving in a complicated, complex, technological world.

I’ve learned in life there are good days and bad days. People who see things from a positive point of view and people who don’t!

I’m one of the ones who would rather see possibilities instead of limitations, potentials instead of shortcomings. Successes instead of failures.

All viewed from the perspective - there are no guarantees in life. Just what and how we go about the day we are living in.

I like to encourage. I like to inspire. I like to create and I like to share. Life is ALL about connections - both the personal and the professional.

Behind each viewed (online/offline) professional/artisan/individual is a real life and blood human with the same fundamental needs and desires we all have - that's who I want to connect with!

This then the sum of my parts – a continuing journey of the exploration of self, while encouraging growth and positive attitudes along the way.

Best wishes to you on your personal journey as well!

Thank you,


  • Work
    • Writer, Artist, Achiever
  • Education
    • Oregon State University, Penn State University