Penny Turko

Penny Turko

By sharing some of the most important parts of my life, I hope you'll get a good idea of who Penny Turko really is.

My raising was in a small Northern community, the youngest child of a trapper and stay at home Mom. I am absolutely grateful for my family & being brought up to realize that people, not things, matter most in this life. My passion & focus resides with experiences & relationships that fill me with exhileration, laughter & a deeper recognition of who I am & how I can grow to become my best self, serve others & God.

I have been married for close to 20 years to the same amazing man, we have 2 phenominal teenagers who are our pride & joy. A thriving, all consuming 16 year Real Estate career pushed me to understand the importance of family time that it is far too fleeting.

After 6 years of retirement & acknowledging that my kids were actually growing up & unbelievably did not require my motherly services the same way as they had in the past, I began my journey online.

The internet is a vast universe of bright, shiny attention grabbers! I quickly learned that building a business online was not as straight forward as I had been led to believe. Through struggle, confusion and absolute overwhelm; my breakthrough arrived.

It is now my passion & purpose to guide and coach Entrepreneurs that are walking the same path as I did, to create successful businesses and focused marketing strategies through Social Media; that work in the fastest time possible, spending the least amount of money and all without having to enter the land of ONLINE OVERWHELM!!

Life is about more than money, work and success! You cannot put your life on hold until you feel you have achieved your greatness! You are already living it!!!


When you ask yourself these questions at the end of your days, don't you want to be happy with the answers? Don't take yourself so seriously! Laugh, love yourself, embrace the ones you love, don't judge others and live your best life! For it is only you that can be held accountable for a life well lived!