Leo Hanson's Review

Been blogging for quite awhile now, but I first started as an outsourcer or also known as ghost writer, and sometimes called a pseudo writer. Back when I was a freelancer working at Fiverr and Elance, I came across different niches. However, I became interested in male enhancement and when I first get into it...I thought it is similar to penis enlargement. Later, I realized they're different, although first impression, they are simlar.

I became a user of Penomet pump since since early 2013 right after Penomet has been launched back sometime in October or November 2012. My experience of the Penomet is amazing. Till today, I'm still using it regularly and I'm sharing my experience with it at my official blog.

So, if you're amont the many men looking for information and experience from real-life Penomet user, visit my blog where I shared my personal experience with the pump whether you should get it, or not and how it compares to the other brand of hydro or water-assisted penis pump, Bathmate.

Yes, I have both and I even owned a SizeGenetics traction penile extender which is great. I use it for personal reasons such as maintaining good penile and sexual health, and a great bonus... increase in penis size.

I will also be sharing my experiences with other devices such as those I've mentioned(Bathmate and SizeGenetics), and even manual routines I am using along with these devices. But for now, let's focus on Penomet Premium Pump.