Pension Income LLC

Lafayette, California, United States

Pension Income LLC, a company focused on facilitating pension income purchases, works with buyers interested in buying a fixed monthly income and sellers interested in trading their monthly pension income for a single large sum. Historically, institutions, hedge funds, and insurance companies have been the most active buyers in the pension income market. Pension Income LLC and other companies established throughout the past decade endeavor to expand the monthly income buyer pool by making pension income purchases more economically viable for individuals. Purchasing monthly income offers a higher yield and lower risk level than many other traditional income-generating options.

Dedicated to protecting its buyers, Pension Income LLC maintains a substantial reserve fund capable of protecting buyers against the predominant risks associated with pension income purchasing. In the event that the pensioner dies during the purchased income transfer term (typically eight years), the company uses its reserve fund to fully compensate the buyer for the income they purchased. If the pensioner fails to uphold their end of the agreement and re-directs the payments away from the buyer before the eight-year term ends, the buyer is compensated for any missed payments while Pension Income LLC resolves the issue with the pensioner.