Per Wickstrom


After winning his own battle with addiction in 1999, Per Wickstrom knew he wanted to do more with his life than continue a successful sales career with General Motors. Working as a Chevrolet dealership’s finance manager in Jackson, Michigan, he started to explore career options that would enable him to help others more directly. In 2003, Per Wickstrom identified one, opening an addiction treatment center in Battle Creek, Michigan, that has gone on to help over 6,000 people beat their drug addictions and reclaim their lives. Mr. Wickstrom’s present center, Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, treats its clients holistically, relying on one-on-one sessions with licensed counselors as the backbone of its treatment program.

Per Wickstrom’s experience with addiction stretches back to his teen years, when emotional upheaval compelled him to use substances to escape from problems. He spent 20 years struggling with addictions to multiple substances before realizing that only he could get himself clean and working through a Narconon substance abuse treatment program, an experience that saved his life and gave him a renewed sense of purpose.

For Per Wickstrom, working in drug rehabilitation is less about making money than saving lives. Maintaining multiple blogs, Mr. Wickstrom regularly posts articles about his viewpoint on service and on addiction-related subjects. On one of his platforms,, he has addressed topics ranging from the addiction risks faced by new college students to the reconstruction of one’s career after recovering from an addiction to the impact of cocaine on young people.

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