Perla Pojani

Consultant and Program Manager in New York

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Perla Pojani is a professional who is currently living and working in New York, New York. She is employed as a Program Manager with Macmillan Learning where she ensures program and project alignment with Macmillan Learning's strategic business objectives.

On a personal level, Perla Pojani relocated from Florida to New York City in 2016. She loves that the city is truly a melting pot of different cultures and customs. With all the hustle and bustle, there is never a dull moment in New York. Not to mention that trying authentic local cuisine is an adventure in itself. There are so many options!

Perla enjoys traveling, and has recently taken an interest in blogging. In fact, she has recently been traveling to celebrate her engagement. Perla Pojani believes that the best things in life aren't "things," they're experiences. She would rather spend money on a plane ticket to a far off place or a concert with friends than the newest gadget.

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