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You have understood the difficult process of company formation Indonesia. Providing high paid up capital is not the only requirement needed. It takes days to process a single application and you have to make visitations to various government agencies, national or local. That may not be the only issue that you are going to face. Regulations for incorporation keep changing as time goes by. The change might not be well broadcasted, so you have to keep updated with newest information.

Although the process is daunting, it is not something you can overlook. There are several advantages you can gain from being licensed when running a business in Indonesia. It opens door to many business opportunities. The company is treated in similar manner as any local company. It can participate in domestic projects of all regions within the country. Since Indonesia is a developing country, you will be able to find various types of projects. When you have applied in specialized operational licensed after company formation Indonesia, you can even approach many other business activities.

Being officially registered also makes it easier for your stakeholders. You can easily hire high quality employees from other countries if your company is registered. When applying for work permit, employees will be able to include sponsorship and recommendation letter from the company. Future clients and company visitors will have easier time obtaining business visa to reside in the country for certain period of time because of that too.

If you are not following regulations of company formation Indonesia, there will be issues in daily operations of your company. There is a penalty for companies who are not abiding to the country’s rules too. The amount can be huge so it is better to deal with complicated procedure earlier. Permit service agency like Permitindo will oversee the whole process from start to finish.