Perry Mandera

Small Business Owner and Writer in Chicago, Illinois

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A forward-thinking business owner as well as an accomplished athletic coach, Perry Mandera has consistently garnered accolades including the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year Award, a ranking as one of Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium by the Illinois Trucking Association, and the Italian American Executives of Transportation’s Executive of the Year award. The founder and director of The Custom Companies, Inc., since 1986, Perry Mandera developed the multifaceted transportation venture into the recognized firm it is today. One of only 270 trucking firms holding certification from the International Organization for Standardization, The Custom Companies maintains a thriving business both in the United Stations and outside the country. Perry Mandera’s company offers safe shipping of goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and further accommodates clients with satellite tracking, warehousing, and customized billing. The Custom Companies also stands above its peers because of its global capabilities. Custom Global Logistics, LLC, a division of Perry Mandera’s The Custom Companies, transports heavy freight items like technical equipment and machinery across the world with carefully scheduled ground and air express avenues. Noted for its wide array of services, Perry Mandera’s The Custom Companies received the Pat Summerall Award, which designated the enterprises as Champions of the Industry. A talented professional with many interests, Perry Mandera also employs his leadership skills in positions coaching a number of distinguished athletes. Perry Mandera translates his enthusiasm for boxing into the support of competitors in the sport, with past clients including U.S. Olympic Super Heavyweight Fighter Danell “Doc” Nicholson. Presently, he draws from his expertise in developing talent to help manage “Irish” Andy Lee, also an Olympic athlete, and direct several children’s sports teams. Outside of his business and coaching commitments, Perry Mandera offers his support to organizations including The University of Chicago Medical Center, the Lynn Sage Foundation, and Catholic Charities USA.