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Ivan Velasquez

Born in 1958, fan of classical music, science, The Beatles, and Sarah Brightman. I studied classical guitar during my teens (I have a Yamaha classical guitar), though my formal training is in medicine (I am a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology). I also studied drawing and painting, as well as photography. However, my free time is spent writing fiction. I've finished a few short stories and an overly long novel. I am friendly, though I have very few friends. I go to concerts (classical music), and the theater (for plays and ballet). I am currently single. I also read every day, science and fiction. I watch BBC documentaries, almost as they are coming out of the oven. I am fluent in English and Spanish, though I read in French, German, and Italian too. I am learning Russian. I've visited Europe six times, including some of its great museums. I also love to cook, I even own a KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer. No, I'm not bragging, for I also drive an old nondescript car. In terms of collecting, I have a small book library, a fairly decent classical music CD library, and more than 1000 classical movies in DVD format, part of my education, because, after having lived in Hollywood for 28 years, I also wish to direct a movie sometime. My day job is as a medical doctor. Cardiac consultation and Stem Cell Transplantation. That's it. Thanks for reading.