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wolfgang hoffmann


I come from a very small and conservative conditions. If you told me, that your childhood was difficult, i have always smiling. There is always a way, if you want. In my life i had and was able to learn a lot.
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With the skills i have today, i want to make the world a little bit better. In my network i have to win some important contacts for some projects.
An Arab proverb says: It's a good deal if both sides have a profit.

1977 - 1986 Precision thread for oil industry

1986 - 2000 Monitoring and operation of high-pressure steam turbine
2000 - 2008 Monitoring and implementation of swimming pool operation and lifeguard
2008 - Personal Trainer and Consulting

20 years experience as Part-time in collection for creditors, catering and automotive industry

  • Work
    • Germany
  • Education
    • Bachelor of professionel physical fitness
    • Master of lifeguard