Per Wickstrom

CEO, Recovery, and Addiction Treatment in Michigan

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Per Wickstrom is the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, which is currently in Battle creek, Michigan. The Best Drug Rehabilitation is a company focused on helping people recover from their addiction through holistic and natural methods. Since the rehab center has been opened in 2003, they have helped over 6000 clients recover from their drug addiction.

Per believes all people should be given the chance to live long and healthy lives just like he had the chance to after graduating from rehabilitation. That is why his drug rehabs across the United States have been so successful because he has experienced what his clients are going through and knows what works in a rehabilitation facility and what doesn't work in one. Per Wickstrom today also owns Choices Recovery, A forever Recovery and many more rehabs across the United States.

His goal was to help individuals live a sober healthy lifestyle by overcoming physical dependence, developing coping techniques and strategies to avoid drug use temptations. It is important to make sure you do everything right when healing an individual during their rehab stay since having a drug relapse after rehab can be extremely dangerous.

Per Wickstrom is extremely proud of his rehab centers and all the success it brought him and his clients. He would love to keep expanding and have different drug rehabs in many different states since he wants to help every individual he can when it comes to recovering from a drug addiction.

Different drugs have different effects on your physical and mental health therefore it is important to know the effects and problems every drug causes in order to ensure success in your drug rehabilitation center and continue to save lives every single day. Having a great team that is knowledgeable and that can help each individual with their drug recovery everyday is important in order for the client to get a full successful recovery.

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