Pet Theories

Musician and band in Chicago, Illinois

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What happens when you simplify the musical elements of a band to just the essentials: male voice, female voice, guitar, drums? How much and in what ways can the music expand and recombine into something magical and moving?

What happens when you eliminate the drama, the careerism, the marketing distractions, and the hustle, and focus instead on making music?

How far can good songs, pure intentions, and the joy of creative companionship go?

Pet Theories invites you to relax and reinvigorate your sense of what falling in love with a local band can feel like. Our guess is that if we’re not trying to make it big or sell you a variation on something you already have, there’s more room for all of us to have fun, explore the sonics of what turns us on, and celebrate the possibilities that come with sharing art together in a city as creatively inspiring as Chicago.