Peter Draw


Peter Draw (B.1984) first fell in love with drawing at the age of 3. At 6, he was kicked out of a drawing workshop because he couldn't afford the fee. He ran home believing that dreams do not come true for poor children like him. His grandfather told him that dreams do come true if you believe in yourself.

At 16 years old, his grandfather passed away. In tears, he learnt that our loved ones do not wait forever for us. Peter decided to follow his dreams to draw and make others happy.

Today, Peter travels around the world drawing to protect children’s dreams – because children deserve the best. His record breaking drawings have warmed the hearts of many in 30 cities across 20 countries, including Jackie Chan, Nobel Peace Laureates Desmond Tutu and Dr Oscar Arias.

His awards include 2 Guinness World Records (He drew the World’s Largest Caricature Drawing in 2007 and he taught the World’s Largest Art Lesson in 2010) and Junior Chamber International's Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore in 2008 for his contributions to Children, World Peace and Human Rights.

Peter serves on the school advisory committee for his alma mater Ang Mo Kio Primary School and Reader’s Digest Asia featured Peter as the “Everyday Hero”

Presently, there are hundreds of children following Peter Draw's footsteps to draw and make other people happy. They call themselves "Little Draws"

Guinness World Records

World's Largest Caricature (2007)

World's Largest Art Lesson (2010)


Larger than the world's largest (2007)

24 hour drawing (2007)

What makes me happy (2008)

Sweetest gift (2010)

Yume (2011)

Little Draws (2011-Present)

First, Love (2013-Present)

Other role

School advisory, Ang Mo Kio Primary School (Alma Mater)


What makes me happy (Special publication for ASEAN Govt)

TV Documentary

Fire Starters Series, Channel U Singapore (Inspiring Young Asians)

News Feature in

ASEAN, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Costa Rica