Peter Mellalieu

Consultant, Director, and Teacher in Auckland, New Zealand

Peter Mellalieu

Consultant, Director, and Teacher in Auckland, New Zealand

"I reward excellence! I reward outrageous failure! .... but I do not reward mediocrity"

Peter Mellalieu is a MyndSurfer: a new venture strategist.

Peter coaches and activates teams to innovate together. In essence, Peter first gains strategic insight through conversations of 'Wild and expansive enthusiasm'. Distilling his insight into well-focussed strategic initiatives, he helps teams create and launch valuable, disruptive impact.

Peter's approach to MyndSurfing is strongly informed by action learning, experiential learning, and strengths-based entrepreneurship coaching. His learning partners include ambitious small-medium enterprise, research agencies, teachers, and senior students.

Peter's current passion includes encouraging the principles of Wealth With Green to be adopted as central elements in business practice and education.

Dr Mellalieu has professed at universities in Massachusetts (US), Florida (US), Lancaster (UK), and Botswana (Africa) in addition to New Zealand. His recreational interests include art song, sailing, cycling, wilderness experience, and directing as-live-to-air videography.

Commencing university studies in biotechnology Peter defected into an industrial engineering management programme. Following a career as an operations researcher and innovation strategist he became a unique and passionate professor.... and teacher of teachers.

Peter loves Google Sheets. He asserts that most of the world's problems can be coerced into a 'nail' and hit with the 'hammer' of a Google Sheet.

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