Peter Ocasek

Entrepreneur, Volunteer, and Public Speaker in Prague, Czechia

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Hey, I’m Peter.

I'm happy.

I'm grateful what I have and I enjoy every day with my family, friends, customers and even strangers.

🌎My missions in life is to make this world happier.

To get there, I'm committed to:

♻️support entrepreneurship, sustainable living and a better education

❤️help people to do what they love

💪encourage people to have more freedom by taking more responsibility

Currently I'm focused on 😇 Angelcam - the global startup helping people to protect what they care about in a better way. If you believe the current security - alarm systems and security cameras - is broken, check our website.

Previously I co-founded:

🚀 StartupYard - first startup accelerator in CEE, 70+ portfolio companies, $34M+ raised
🏢Node5 - co-working for startups
🎥Streamhosting - end to end service for internet broadcasters, from event organizers to TV stations
⚙️Beneta - created hundreds of websites and e-commerce sites

❓What I can help with

1. Start-up founders with founders team alignment, P&M fit, problem and solution fit, vision and strategy and operational alignment, go to market strategy, fundraising. I help startups doing something fruitful for this world only, having a deep passion for the problem they are solving and clear answer WHY.
2. Cities, governments and universities to support startups wisely.
3. Moderate a panel discussion, provide a speech or lecture on startups, company culture, security.

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