Peter Magurean III

I fortunately have lived a fascinating and dynamic life since leaving the family farm in Indiana for Purdue University. Initially, courtesy of the U.S. Navy I saw the world at first throughout southeast Asia including Vietnam.

My work over the years after serving several Fortune 500 firms and becoming an entrepreneur allowed me to meet and interact with world leaders, captains of industry and citizens all over the planet.

My spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, has shaped my career of living and working for over 50 years in Asia, Europe and Latin America. He and His Holiness, The Dalai Lama have influenced me to advise my clients and to mentor young persons emphasizing compassion and respect for diversity in non-judgmental ways.

Currently I am involved in creating a new "B" Corporation that is developing a platform to bridge the planet's economic engines to the sphere of charities and non-profits through education about health and wellness, social justice, the elimination of poverty and balancing the environment sustainably.

Please join me in "making the Good Earth, better!"