Peter Beckenham

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Hello this is Peter and I'm an Aussie marketer and blogger. The focus of my blogging is to help people who are new or just considering how to make money using the internet in a realistic and ethical way.

The journey of my life now sees me living in a remote little Thai village.

Together with my wife, Amnuai, who is Thai, we have 2 beautiful daughters and a gorgeous grand-daughter.

We decided to move from Bangkok to my wife's family village about 10 years ago because of the failing health of Amnuai's parents.

I closed down my succcessful sales and marketing consultancy business and prepared myself for a Thai country lifestyle.

Although very proud, the people of our village, all 430 of them, are desperately financially poor.

Amnuai and I wanted to help our village, but in a way that was not percieved as charity otherwise, despite their poverty status, being proud people they would not have accepted any help.

This village is well known locally for its handmade Thai silk and we decided we could help them to help themselves.

Let's sell their products online to the world!

We build a facility and established Thai Silk Magic, an online village cooperative business.

Our mission was simple - share EVERY PENNY of the profits with the village so we could improve the education opportunities for the village kids and break their "vicious cycle of poverty."

We also needed another source of income as my retirement funds were running down quickly.

I soon discovered a highly successful and ethical way to build a business online - blogging!

I focused on chronicling what I was learning and helping others along the way.

Sure I still had lots to learn but just loved being able to share my totally real and authentic experiences from my blog at The Village Marketer.

Little did I realize that I would also discover my mentor, Dean Holland, who offered me a partnership in his multi-million dollar business.

Dean's ethical reputation and huge success made this the best business decision of my life.

This also gave me access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs who have enabled me to make many breakthroughs in both the way I run my business and how I live my life.

At 70 years of age my amazing journey has just begun!