Piotr Hildt, M.A.

Lecturer in Performing Arts in Breslau, Wrocław, Polska

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He completed his academic education in Poland and abroad. His master’s thesis in the field of theater studies investigated the categories of modernity and tradition in contemporary Polish theater. A one-year scholarship enabled him to undertake theater studies at the University of Vienna under the supervision of Prof. Woldan, the head of the Slavic Faculty. This training in theatre studies was preceded by the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of journalism and social communication at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences. His undergraduate thesis examined television series in the light of the development of popular culture. He has also attended television journalism specialisation classes. Additionally, he completed editorial practice in the information television department of TVP INFO (the news channel of the Polish Television broadcasting corporation). He participated in the Erasmus program for media studies at the University of Klagenfurt in southern Austria.

Piotr has wide-ranging professional experience in the field of artistic direction and dramaturgy. He worked as an apprentice-translator at the National Theater in Warsaw. He also looked after the acting team of the Viennese National Theater. Additionally, he was an assistant to the playwright at the Volks Theater in Vienna. Among many other duties, he oversaw a cultural program dedicated to Krzysztof Kieślowski. Following this internship, he acted as an assistant to the Norwegian director of a theatre in Wrocław, combining coordination work with script collaboration. Subsequent internships were undertaken at the Volks Theater in Vienna. Piotr also developed his own practical workshop in theater study in Warsaw and in the Center for Theater Culture for Young People. This stage practice workshop was complemented by a student theater show at the Theater and Drama Department. In his earlier years, Piotr was involved with the youth theater team of the Students Theater located at the Stokłosy Culture Center in Warsaw. He also actively participated in the creation of the Kochanowski Theater Festival, and in theatrical reviews on the stages of other theaters and cultural centers. Owing to his fascination with the art of directing, Piotr has developed a concept for staging twentieth-century plays, performing selected ones on the workshop stage in Warsaw.

Thanks to his academic training, he has been able to publish in the two most prestigious professional theatre magazines in Poland.

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    • Master of Theatre Studies
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    • University of Vienna