Peter Luis Venero

Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Director in Global

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Peter Luis Venero is a visionary and conscious entrepreneur, with a passion and focus on digital technology and transformation for resolving social and humanitarian issues. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, after moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to study New Media and Interface Design, in 2004, Peter Venero took flight to Sydney, Australia. Here, Creatiq was born as a digital agency and is now re-aligned to work with change-making conscious businesses where Peter works one-on-one with his clients to help them deliver their visions and business objectives based on their change-making mission.

Having served on the Board of Directors at SGLBA for six years, two of them as Vice President, Peter Luis Venero has been a long-time advocate of community and is passionate about bringing about positive change to the business community.

His experience lead him to take the next step into entrepreneurship with a startup, Peter Venero’s brainchild, Kaliido, which is an LGBT+ technology company. Kaliido’s first product (currently in development) is aimed at facilitating meaningful connection for men of the rainbow community based on granular lifestyle interests, as well as experiences such as traveling, sports, theatre, recreational cultural and leisurely activities.

Peter also advocates for open-sourced, co-creation and collaboration models as opposed to old-world competition models, and encourages the power of authentic human connection and how it benefits our mental health while strengthening workplace, social, family and virtually all relationships and their success.

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